One Thing Every New Mom Needs

As a new mom something that has come in handy is having a friend close by who can respond to my every beckoning. OK, not just a friend, but a sisterwife. No, we’re not talking about anything weird; just a best friend who you know you can depend on and vice versa.



She knows your favorite candy bar and precisely the moment you need it or you will surely die. Lunches together always last at least 3 hours, most likely ending in an impromptu but necessary a trip to Target. You will feel no guilt asking her to drive you to the airport because you know you would do the same for her. She knows all about your siblings, your old friends from high school, all your 30 Rock and Parks & Rec references and she is the person you would ask to babysit for you before anyone else. My sis-wife & I even share a Costco membership and text each other when we are going so the other one doesn’t have to make the trip. We are each others guaranteed plus one at any social gathering (except where actual husbands are involved, of course) and if we go a day without talking, texting or hanging out, it’s strange- sometimes we have to text each other at the end of the night just to say how strange it is. We make baby food together (more on that later), our husbands play guitar together, and we are even raising our babies to be each others best friends. Do you have a toothache yet? Is our friendship just a little too sugary for you? I don’t blame you! But, I do suggest you head out there and find your own best best friend. Extend yourself, be friendly and don’t be shy. Too often as moms of little children we keep to ourselves, consumed in our baby’s world. This is natural but I promise the days will be better (and your cell phone bill significantly higher) when you find a sisterwife to have by your side through the ups and downs of motherhood.

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