On The Importance of Fort Building

I’m at a precious, magical stage of parenting and amidst all of the tantrums and hub-bub of potty-training, weaning, constant developments, needs and questions – it’s important, so vitally important, for me to remember this.

To remember that I am the keeper of magic. That is to say, while my children themselves are unconditional givers of love and responsible for bringing me everyday magic, in only the ways that a toddler and baby can; I’m the one who engages in new ways of magical play with them.

I’m the one who introduces them to ‘dress-up’ and slowly starts to build up a ‘tickle-trunk’ of costumes. I’m the one who takes them to little people concerts and puppet-shows. It’s up to me (and their father), to tell them imaginative stories each and every day, either from a book or from the caverns of our minds…


It’s not like I’ve forgotten how – it never went away for this mama. I’ve always been a kid at heart, the neighborhood block baby-sitter who grew into youth that left home quite early and nanny’ed for families in the Army. My love and respect for children stems from my earliest memories and grew into a certainty that having children and growing and caring for my own family was the biggest dream-life I could have.

When that magic came true for me, when I thought it never would…a spark was ignited within me. I fully believe I am responsible for sparking up that same magic for my little ones – with make-believe play – each and every day.

Building a fort with one’s child(ren) may seem so little, but really – it’s everything.

For our fort, I grabbed two king-size flat sheets to drape over our big harvest table in the dining room table. I laid an extra large sponge workout mat for padding and covered that with two down comforters over top for added comfort. Add in pillows off of all of our beds, a little bedside lamp, their favourite plush friends, some books, flashlights and matchbox cars and it quickly turned into a hugely popular destination.

It’s been up for two days now and we’ve been eating at the kitchen island. I cannot WAIT for spring when we can build forts outside too!

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