On Naming My Four Children

While I’m ashamed to admit it, one of the most daunting tasks while pregnant is coming up with a baby name that both my husband and I agree on. We hem and we haw, and spend beyond a reasonable amount of time discussing names.

In all honesty, my husband will suggest a name, and then I go ahead and shoot it down fairly quickly. No name is good enough, and I typically can find fault with even the most lovely of names. Yes, I’m extraordinarily picky and I know it.

But by the time our little precious nugget makes his or her grand arrival, we’ve settled on a name that’s just perfect in every way.

Our children’s names, and how we made the final decision:

  • Four babies in seven years. That's a ton of baby naming!

    Four babies in seven years. That's a ton of baby naming!

    Click on through to find out how we finally made our baby name decisions….

  • My Oldest

    My Oldest

    Her name is Piper Kay.

    Her first name: While in college I worked one summer on a ranch in Colorado. I quickly made good friends with a cowgirl from Texas, named Piper. The name stuck with me for years, and I ended up naming my firstborn after her!

    Her middle name: Kay is a family name.

  • My Second Daughter

    My Second Daughter

    Her name is Nola Jo.

    Her first name: At the time, I was in love with a couple names: Lola, Nora, and Lucy. We decided on Nola, because it was similar to other names we loved, but just a little bit more unique.

    Her middle name: Jo is my middle name.

  • My First Boy

    My First Boy

    His name is Gage Michael.

    His first name: If my firstborn daughter (Piper) would have been a boy, her name would have been Gage. Boy names were so hard for me to decide on back when I was pregnant with Gage, that when the doctor said “it’s a boy”, Gage was the only name we had on the list!

    His middle name: Michael is my husband’s first name.

  • Always My Baby

    Always My Baby

    His name is Paul Richard.

    His first name: Paul is named after his great-grandfather, Paul. My grandpa Paul was an amazing man that did extraordinary things with his life. Naming my son after him was a no-brainer.

    His middle name: Richard was my father-in-law’s first name. Again, another man that moved mountains and was highly respected.

    Paul will not ever meet his namesake, but though the power of his name, their legacy will hopefully live on!

  • My First Babies, My Furbabies.

    My First Babies, My Furbabies.

    And before I had any human children, I had (and still do have) my furbabies. Peggy, Pierre and Miles. They travel around the house like a herd of cows.

    Miles is our Boston Terrier, named after the jazz musician Miles Davis. Peggy is our barn kitty, appropriately named because she has 3 white legs and one black “peg” leg. Pierre is Peggy’s twin brother. We call him our French kitty, because he has a very distinguished and manly goatee.

How about you? What are your kids names and how did you come up with them?

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