On Having Lots of Cousins

I’m writing about a baby’s place in the family today, first I talked about having older siblings and now we’re discussing growing up with lots of cousins. Does your baby have a large extended family living nearby? What kinds of things do you notice happening in your baby’s life because of the proximity of family?


We live near lots and lots of family. A really marvelous part of watching my baby grow up near family is how she gets to see people of all ages frequently enough to know them by face (if not name). This doesn’t really happen in friend circles, since usually we all hang out with moms who have babies of a similar age. But the very best part of living near loved ones is my baby’s favorite subject next to her brothers – her cousins!

I didn’t grow up around my cousins, so while I had a somewhat large family at home (I am the oldest of 4 children) I didn’t have a larger circle of close people in my life that were family. My daughter gets to hang out with her cousins all the time, which is awesome for two reasons: 1) they are the only other little girls around since she has 3 big brothers (she has boy cousins too – 4 of them!) and 2) her baby cousin is just 6 weeks younger than she is.

As she grows older and they all play more and more and we watch them become people with personalities beyond the baby years, I feel so blessed to have my baby around so many people that adore her. She has a built-in support system of other kids who have her back in a way that only family really can.

Does your baby have a big extended family? What fun things do you notice when your baby is around cousins?

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