On Having Big Brothers

My daughter is the youngest of 4 children, and all of her 3 older siblings are brothers. She gets to be the princess of the family in every way, but one of the sweetest relationships we’ve seen budding has been her relationship with her closest brother, who is four and a half years older. Today I told him she is his “Biffle” (a.k.a. BFFL a.k.a. Best Friend For Life). I think he agrees.


I can hardly believe the friendship they are already forming when my baby girl isn’t even a year old yet! They hang out together, make each other laugh, follow each other around. He carries her (to our delight and horror) around like she weighs 100 pounds sometimes, other times as if she’s light as a feather. We try not to get in the way of their bond that is forming. It’s too beautiful for words.

I’m sure as she gets older they may begin to bicker and find things to argue about, but I can see how her brother (and all her brothers) prefer to lavish her with love and affection. She reciprocates with kisses and hugs and giggles, something none of my boys ever did before. The sibling dynamic becomes magical, as I picture them grown and still loving on each other, teasing each other, and cheering each other on. What an amazing thing family can be!

What fun dynamics have you noticed in your children who have siblings?

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