On Caring For Fresh Baby Skin

When Huck was just a little guy, he was unfairly besotted with an unfortunate case of the bumps. You know, infant acne. Oh, the rudeness. I did all the reading and talked to all the pediatricians I could get on the phone and then tried everything they recommended. More frequent baths, less frequent baths, less lotion, more lotion, rubbing breast milk on him (breast milk solves everything!), switching detergents, waiting it out. Nothing really helped. I started to feel so bad for him.

And then one day, quite by accident, I stumbled on a solution that cleared his sweet little face nearly overnight…


Lanolin. Of all the things!

You can find lanolin in a whole lot of different products, from nipple creams to baby lotions. (Try to find it in a formula with mineral oil for best results.) I slathered it on one night and by the next hour the redness had faded and the next morning his skin was clear and smooth as a baby’s bum. It also made him look like a greasy baldy while it was soaking in, which is sort of a funny side effect that I got a kick out of.

If your little dude is similarly besotted, give it a try! (It also clears up cradle cap!) Good luck!

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