On That Father-Daughter Magic


We’re talking family today! So far we’ve covered being a baby to older siblings, growing up around lots of cousins, being the only granddaughter/grandson in a family, and now it’s the father-daughter bond we’ll be discussing!

Since my baby daughter is the first girl after three boys, she and her daddy have a very special relationship growing. It’s so special, so unique, so sacred, even, that I can only describe it as magical!

We have even more magic in our family dynamic, since prior to my daughter being born we lost a little girl. She was stillborn at 19 wks in my pregnancy, so my husband never got to experience the father-daughter bond until our next daughter River was born.

Sometimes we feel like River knows what our family has been through, the way she is gentle with us, the way she is more affectionate than any of her brothers were, the way she loves to smile and kiss and laugh and be funny. She is filling the void we have had, but even more so, she fills the hole in my husband’s heart that was missing a little girl to raise up.

My husband jokes that even though we’ll have only one wedding to pay for, he can already tell she will make it a doo. Perhaps she will more than make up for being the only daughter in the house! I think she already has daddy around her teensy finger, and her magic can only grow as she does.

We feel so blessed to have this dynamic, this one woman show going on with our kids!

Do you have just one girl? What special magical moments do you notice between father and daughter?

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