10 Ways to Stay Organized

It’s Monday morning and my home is in a semi-state-of-ruckus. This is pretty much the norm around here, a new continuum which I have been challenged to embrace.

When I say semi-state, I mean there will always be toys somewhere, waiting for an arched foot to greet them.

There will always be a least a few dishes in the sink (or more) and crumbs on the floor. Mere seconds after tidying, washing, and scrubbing. That’s just how it is when one has little people in the mix.

By all appearances, one without children might think we are not very organized. Which is far from the truth. We have lists, we have ways, we have systems people. If we didn’t? Epic distaters would ensue. Mad havoc I tell you. Anyone running a household knows this to be true.

I’m the type of person who can’t function living day-to-day, with no planning, no organizing. No way, no how. Below are my top 10 ways to stay organized, week-to-week. 

Running a Household, Week To Week

Top 10 Ways To Stay Organized: Week To Week

1. Doing laundry throughout the week, a load here, a load there. I’d rather keep on top of it this way than have a huge build-up that I have to tackle over the weekend.

2. Tidying rooms as I move through them. This is a big one for me. With a baby and a toddler into everything, toys everywhere, things can easily get out of control. (As they often do). But I’ve found small pockets of sanity and less tripping over of toys if I quickly tidy rooms without the intention of doing so. Ya feel me? If I go into a room to get something, I take a few extra minutes to give it a once-over.

3. I make the beds every morning – something I never used to do. It’s in the little things, and I get a geeky, pleasant feeling upon entering our bedroom throughout the day to put something away and I’m met with the serene calm of a crisp, clean, smooth, made-up bed. Same goes for the end of the day. Slightly delicious and more than inviting.

4. Grocery shopping and menu-planning. We do this over the weekend and it’s vital in keeping the peace around these here parts. If we miss a big shop on the weekend, we’re thrown off kilter the entire week. Things go so much smoother with a fully stocked fridge and the knowledge of what we are going to make for dinner throughout the week.

5.  Weekly food-prep. This is another weekend chore. I wash lettuces and cut fruits and veggies and store them in big tupperware containers. This comes in handy for quick breakfasts, smoothies and cooking dinner. Doing things like chopping onions and garlic (a basic for so many dishes) and having them ready for different meals? Genius I tell you.

6.  The Pomodoro Technique. (Have you heard of this? You must check it out). As a work from home mom (the littles are at home 2 weekdays and in the daycare the rest), this technique has slowly become one of my true BFF’s. Even when the babes are in daycare, I’m still doing housework, cooking and errand running on top of my work. I am truly blessed to be able to work from home wherein I can accomplish household things throughout my workday and finish off my work hours in the evening after the littles are in bed, if need be. Or play with my kids all day and work during naps and at night.

7.  I clean the bathrooms (as in complete overhaul) on Fridays instead of on the weekend. I try to not leave huge lists of chores for the weekend as it leaves little time for family fun. Compromising our fun time is not an option. Especially in favour of chores. Blech. They often get a once-over a couple times a week. Depending on their state.

8.  I sweep daily, vacuum and mop every few days. Our home has hardwood throughout and it’s important to keep things somewhat clean for all the hands and faces that come in contact with said floors. Everything goes into my daughter Abby’s mouth these days, so yea. The floors are rarely ever spotless, but they are acceptable.

9.  Digital calendar sharing. The mister and I have hectic schedules and often meetings or business trips would collide if it weren’t for our handy dandy shared iCal. Much love to calendars and folders in said calendars. Yes, I love spreadsheets too – but that’s another story.

10.  Having extra sheets and bed liners clean and ready to go for the crib and toddler bed. I bought extra sheets and liners and always have a clean set in their (shared room) closet, ready to go for a quick change when the inevitable messes/accidents happen.

Do you have something applaud-worthy that you don’t see on my list? A technique that you think all moms (and dads) would benefit from including in their repertoire of running smooth (somewhat) household? Please share!


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