On Baby’s Special Milestones

I was remembering Huck’s baby blessing today. In the church my family attends, babies are given special blessings by their fathers shortly after they are born, where they announce the name to the congregation, and invoke the blessings of God upon their lives. It’s a beautiful tradition, and one I was so eager for Huck to have.


Brandon gave the most beautiful, heart-felt blessing. Both our parents flew into town to be there to hear it (which is why Huck looks like a preteen in this photo: it took months to get everyone in town together). I was so proud that day to be the wife and mama of those two red haired boys.

Brandon asked me the night before the blessing if there was anything I wanted him to include in Huck’s blessing, and I answered without even thinking: “Passion! Well, Brandon didn’t end up blessing him with passion (maybe he forgot?) but it’s just as well. The kid has plenty of passion all on his own. ;) But Brandon did bless him to love God and family and poetry and nature. And it was perfect for our little boy, and I was so pleased.

What traditions do you have for the new babies in your families? Do you release balloons, have a party, bury the placenta? Eat the placenta? Do share!

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