On Babies And Reflux

When Huck was a few months old, he developed a crazy case of reflux. It made nursing difficult and sleeping next to impossible. And cleanup necessary ;). There are a lot of things you can try if your baby develops reflux, and the good news is, many of them are effective! After talking to my doctor and deciding that his was a case that was best left to clear up on its own, I set about minimizing the side effects. Primarily, his difficulty sleeping. Luckily, we happened upon just the trick to help him get a comfortable, peaceful night’s sleep.


For Huck, the trouble was that he was uncomfortable laying on his back. My husband Brandon confirmed. He suffers from heartburn frequently and I always know when he’s having a rough night when I wake to find him sleeping sitting up. We needed to find a way to safely prop Huck up as he slept, to keep his throat clear and happy.

Enter the stroller. By inching the recline up ever so slightly, we were able to safely position him in a more upright, comfortable spot. I felt even better knowing he was safely strapped in there, and there was no possible way he could roll over in his sleep ;).

That first night he surprised us by sleeping 11 hours straight.

Way to go, team parents.

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