On a Lack of Balance (And Being Okay With It)

I am a working mom. I’m also a stay at home mom. I run a business (and do a bunch of freelance) from home where I also spend the days with our 6-month-old son. Finding a balance is a daily journey. Today I thought I’d share how that journey is going…


baby by the laketoday we hung out by the lake, Bubs practiced his yoga poses

Being a WAHM (work at home mom) is no easy ride. I (naively) assumed that I would receive big breaks from baby-tending during twice daily nap times to get lots of work done. Fast forward 6 months. I’m just now getting enough sleep to actually be productive at anything and the twice daily long nap thing is not a reality in my life. For the last week, for example, my son has decided that napping is not so much the activity he’d like to take part in. I get (maybe) two hours a day to work. (Which is not nearly enough, if you were wondering.) And as a woman who has always known she wanted to continue to work after becoming a mom, this can be extremely daunting.

I’ve had lots of people ask me how I balance it all? What is my secret schedule? How do I run a business and raise a baby? The fact is that I don’t balance it at all. Some days I stay up till 3am working after my husband and baby are asleep. Some days I get one long nap chunk where I crank out a million and one things and take my to-do list from 200 to 22. Most days I juggle frustration of WANTING to work with the responsibility of caring for our 6-month-old son.

Once I figure it all out, I’ll be sure to share! For now, I’m going to just hang on for the ride and enjoy the memories of adventures that I am able to take being at home with my son.

Are there any other WAHMs out there? Does anyone else think it’s funny that the acronym spells out “wah”? No? Just me? Ha!

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