Oh, Snap: 5 Tips for Amazing Baby Photos

In today’s age, documenting the growth of your baby has never been easier. Anyone with a camera phone can guarantee highly frame-worthy snapshots with a bit of ingenuity and the following tips!:

1. Case closed.
Babies are drawn to high contrast objects, so why not turn your phone into a toy you know he’ll love? Purchasing a black and white patterned smart phone case will ensure your squirmy baby can focus long enough for you to capture that perfect moment. (I love this one!)


2. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed.
Carry your phone with you when you wake up your sweet baby in the morning or after a nap. Babies love waking up to see your face, so you’re nearly guaranteed a wide smile that will melt your heart (and make for a very happy photo!).

3. App it.
Why not get creative with the style of your photos? There are hundreds of apps for creating beautiful images (Selena rounded up 6 great options!), and you don’t have to be professional to figure out how to use them. Take an afternoon and experiment to find your favorites!

4. Get real.
Forget a styled photo shoot – the best moments are the everyday ones: the face he makes after a spoonful of peas, the peaceful look on her face while she’s cat-napping. Keep your phone handy and snap the parts of your day that you think might be the most mundane. Chances are, there the ones you’ll miss!

5. Display away.
What good are your endless snaps of chunky baby legs, bath time and tea parties if they all live on your phone? Print and display those gems for the world to see (PostalPix, iPrintMe and LifePics are all great apps for printing iPhone photos). If nothing else, Grandma will be thrilled (and a thrilled Grandma means a free babysitter!).

Happy snapping!

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