No-Mess Toddler Painting

As a mama of TWO toddlers, I am always looking for super-fun activities, especially ones that don’t make a huge mess. This no-mess painting has become a hit at our house. It’s a great sensory activity, too! Best of all, no mess for me to clean up! Here’s what you need…

All you need is a large zippered plastic bag, 2-4 ounces of washable paint, and some tape. Simply pour the paint into the zippered bag. (I used just one color here, but you could add a couple of colors for a tye-dye effect!) Get all of the air out, then zipper the bag shut. Tape it to a flat surface like a door, the side of a fridge, on top of a table, etc. Then, let your little one paint away! They can make fun designs in the paint without making an enormous mess. (AKA = the perfect activity while you’re making dinner, folding laundry, etc.) Enjoy!

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