Hi I’m Becka, It’s Nice To Meet You

Well hello there! My name is Becka and I’m so excited to get to share bits of my life with you. I figured that, for my first post here on Disney Baby, I should be polite and introduce myself. (I am from the south, and hospitality is an art down here after all!) I’d love to get to know you too, so don’t be afraid to leave me a little note saying hello! But first, a bit about me and my family after the jump…

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My name is Becka. Well, actually it’s Rebecca, but no one ever calls me that unless I’m in trouble. I am 27 and I live in the middle of the sunshine state. I have an (almost) 6-month-old little boy named Cadence Archer. He is my first and only child (currently, we’ll see how this goes). He has really amazing eyebrows that are always raised way high up into the air. See proof below…

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I am a stay at home mom and a work from home mom. It has been a big adjustment learning how to do both full time jobs at once and I figure it out a little bit more every day. Mostly it’s just a constant juggling act. I work in a creative industry which is great for me because I’ve been artsy since I was a kid. (I used to play “art gallery” with my cousins. Are you laughing at me yet?) I get paid to take photographs, and to write. And I love both of those things so I guess I’m living the dream. Most the time…

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Most of what I write about is the ups and downs of life as a mom and creative business owner and the inspiring things that make life beautiful. Here on Disney Baby I’ll be sharing both personal stories from my daily adventures and also things I find inspiring pertaining to babies, family life, love, relationships, kiddos, and the balancing act. If you’re out there and you’re a stay at home mom who also works from home, I hope you find the glimpses into my life both inspiring and real. It’s not glamourous, but it is beautiful…

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I have a handsome husband. We’ve been married for a year and a half but we’ve been together for a while longer than that. We met in a band in college. He was the drummer. I sang. We eloped in Europe and then had a party with a burrito bar and mini piñatas in our backyard when we got back. It was perfection. He’s pretty handsome, if I do say so myself. He’s shockingly witty, and he is a craft beer snob, which is a breed of snobbery I can overlook because, well, just look at him…

I like truffle fries (or any fries), instant film, mid century modern design, men with beards and tattoos (check and mark!), pinot noir, places where there are mountains and oceans in view at once, bohemian anything, black jeans, peppermint mocha lattes, vampire shows and movies, books written by Neil Gaiman, pinning recipes that I’ll probably never actually make on Pinterst, things that are magical, Dave Matthew’s Band live, the window seat, shoes, dapper baby boy clothes, heights, and traveling all over. I’m Becka. It’s nice to meet you.

Becka Robinson is a photographer and a blogger. On her personal blog, Life As An Artistpreneur she candidly shares inspiration and tips for fellow “artistpreneurs”. See all of Becka’s posts on Disney Baby here.  
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