Tips on Naturally Soothing Teething Babies

We can tell that Soren is getting closer and closer to cutting his first teeth! He spends a lot of time with his fingers in his mouth and is leaving baby drool all over our house. You can tell he’s a little annoyed with the pain in his mouth from growing those little teeth. ;) Here are a few tips on naturally soothing little ones who are teething:


1. Frozen – We love having those water-filled teething rings on hand. We pop them in the freezer and when Soren is a little extra fussy we let him nom on them. He immediately feels better bitting down on the toy and having the cold num his gums.

2. Amber – Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory that has been found to comfort teething babies. Infant amber necklaces can soothe teething pain by just being on the skin. Just remember that babies should be supervised when wearing these necklaces and shouldn’t sleep in them. Also look for the ones with a safety clasp that will release if pulled tightly. — We have been trying this with Soren for just a few days but I’ve known moms who swear by them for their little ones!

3. Milk-scicles – You heard it right! Freeze breast milk or formula in an ice-cube tray. After they are completely frozen, put one in a mesh teething feeder, like this one from Disney Baby. These will feel good on your babies gums and are perfect for summer-time!

Of course, lots of cuddles and kisses help too! What tips do you have for soothing your babies aching gums?

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