My Son From Birth to 3 Years Old: Our Digital Memory Book

Exactly one week ago today my son turned 3 years old. I’ve listened to beautiful boy far too many times this week (arguably). I’ve shed a few tears, baked a lot of cookies, bought more almond chocolate milk than usual, ordered a lot of pizza, built quite a few forts and assembled more hot wheels tracks than I ever thought I would (as in any), since the big day.

I believe in birthday weeks.

I also have an affection for making videos and memory books. The latter of which I’m about to share here. The video is still in the works. One day, when I’m old and grey – I’ll be very grateful for all of the hours I spent creating these digital memories.

Follow me on Wyndham’s journey from birth, to baby, to toddler to BOY. My son is a BOY. Someone…hold me. 

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