My Most Favourite Holiday Pictures – 3 Years & Going Strong

Given that this time of year is my absolute favourite – it’s not hard to glean that I probably love taking pictures of my babies and family and friends. But mostly, my babies. I was the crazy Christmas lady even before I had children, so imagine what I’m like now. It’s currently a gong show at my house. Projects all over the place waiting to be finished. Jarring happening, house-guests arriving, cookies and pies baking and savoury dishes being prepped.

We’re having a big feast in our home to celebrate Winter Solstice¬†tomorrow, and what am I doing? Pouring over holiday pictures from the past three years. Three years! I can’t belive I’ve been a parent this long – this year the magic is really starting to set in, especially with my eldest.

It’s all stories, movies, games and crafts revolving around the season – he and his sister (even if she doesn’t fully get it), love every minute of it. Tonight we’re decorating sugar cookies. So excited!! Yes, I’m a nerd!!

Year one. Year two, Year three. (So far).

  • A Collection.

    A Collection.

    Three years of babies and holiday magic. All the very best things!

  • Wyndham's 1st Christmas

    Wyndham's 1st Christmas

    Born just a month prior to Christmas in 2009, he was JUST what I had always wanted.

  • Perfection


    To me anyways. Absolute, heart rendering perfection.
    Photo by Melissa McCauley

  • Kiss Kiss

    Kiss Kiss

    So cheesy, yet so so cute.
    Photo by Melissa McCauley

  • Abby's 1st Christmas

    Abby's 1st Christmas

    All dressed up, reading new books on Christmas morning and again all dressed up. The tree in their playroom? This year they have one in their shared bedroom too. I may have a problem.

  • Edible Baby Face Close-Ups

    Edible Baby Face Close-Ups

    Looking inquisitive, beautiful and precious.

  • Into The Ornaments

    Into The Ornaments

    Because clearly, that’s what they are for. To play with.

  • Who HASN'T Done This Shot?

    Who HASN'T Done This Shot?

    It may be getting slightly over-done, the whole string of lights with your baby thing – but it’s adorable, so.

  • Then...


    and now? Comparing pictures from last year to this definitely has my heart growing ten sizes today.

  • My Wyndham over the years.

    My Wyndham over the years.

    Clearly I have a thing for hats and Santa. Who doesn’t? And tree decorating. A real one every year – a tradition that I covet. Also? Men in reindeer headbands drinking cereal milk from a bowl.

  • Cousins


    Both of them are so big now – and totally smitten with each other!

  • It's All About The Props

    It's All About The Props

    And cute babies. It’s like I’ve been trying to tell you – I’m uncontrollable when it comes to these things. No blow-up sled, reindeer and Santa on my roof yet, maybe next year.

  • Last Year

    Last Year

    At 2 years old – Wyndham wasn’t really BFF’s with Santa yet, nor did he fully get what was going on until he was in the moment. Then he was SUPER IMPRESSED.

  • Abby's 1st Ornament

    Abby's 1st Ornament

    An adorable, wee little Native made, nut and birch bark ornament – depicting an elder canoeing. Complete with feathered headdress, bow and arrow. The cute. I KNOW.

  • Wyndham's Handmade Ornament

    Wyndham's Handmade Ornament

    My little guy made this last year, with some help of course.

  • Christmas Eve (Last Year)

    Christmas Eve (Last Year)

    All snuggled up in their flannel and fleece Mickey Mouse and Pluto holiday pj’s.

  • This Year

    This Year

    Oh my word but pulling off a photo shoot on my own with these two was nothing short of competing in an Olympic sport. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

  • My Favourite Ornament

    My Favourite Ornament

    Given to me by one of my oldest and dearest friends – yes, this is indeed a transvestite shoe loving fish. She knows me (and what I love) so well.

  • 1st Advent

    1st Advent

    My first time making one, their first time having one. We’re on #20 today and they jump up and down with glee every morning to open a new baggie.
    See how I made them and what I put inside over here!

  • Advent Reindeer

    Advent Reindeer

    If you don’t take pictures of your babies in reindeer antlers around this time of year, you’re doing something wrong. Just sayin’.

  • Us


    This year. There are many things so wrong (Buh-bye Movember), with this picture – but many things that are so, so right.

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