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So far, voting is split down the middle for who our son looks most like. My family tends to say that he looks like me while my husband’s family votes for him and our friends seem to swing one way or the other depending on the day. But, in his little personality I can see myself like a mirror…


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If our son tries something and fails, he instantly goes from a content and wobbly baby to the depths of baby depression and hysterics. So dramatic, this one. Forehead on the ground, wails of sorrow, feet kicking in frustration. Hello me. This kid inherited my lack of patience, that is FOR SURE.

When we’re in the house he does not like it when too many things are going on at once. If his toys are playing music, and we’re talking, and the TV is on he freaks out. Just like me, he is easily overstimulated by such noise pollution. This kid prefers one source of energy just like his mama and is perfectly content to entertain himself in a silent room. Let’s see how long that lasts.

And while our son generally prefers to be out of the house (much like his father), he is starting to become less and less inclined to be around crowds and chaos. Sitting by a lake looking at ducks and trees? Great. Hanging out at a restaurant with a group of our friends? Good times. Visiting baby time at the library with 50 children running around us and shrieking? Not so much. At least The Bubs and I agree on how to spend our time.

It’s funny to watch his little personality develop. It’s also so entertaining to see how many of his quirks seem to be inherited instead of learned. I wonder which ones he’ll keep and which will change as he grows. I’m learning a lot about myself as well. And about how I must appear to others. Funny how much our babies teach us when we think we’re the ones teaching them.

Tell me moms: Do your kids seem to be more like you or your partner? Do they look like one of you but match the personality of the other? What have you learned about yourself from your littlest? 

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