My Favorite Baby Boy Names from 100 Years Ago

A few weeks ago, I shared my favorite girl names from 1912, and I figured it was only right to give the boy names a look too, even if I’m not having a boy myself.

Baby Names

I’ve always felt like boy names are a little more solid, popularity-wise, than girls names are and looking through the top 1000 names for boys born in 1912 backed my hunch up – many of the names on that list are ones you’re still very likely to hear today.

Here are the thirteen I liked most off the list:

  • Lawrence (#38) Maybe I only like this name because of Laurie from Little Women. But even if that’s the case, who DOESN’T like Laurie from Little Women?
  • Leo (#49) I like the retro vibe of this name and I don’t think it seems too stuffy.
  • Alex (#135) This one has really held on to its popularity and I’d say for good reason!
  • Alton (#192) I love the European edge this name has, at least in my mind.
  • Emmett (#198)
  • Monroe (#265) I love this name and I love the nickname, Roe, even more. (I’d love to use Roe for a girl, but my husband was having none of it).
  • Elijah (#303)
  • Ward (#362)
  • Royal (#384) It’s possible that this name is just a bit too pretentious, but I love it all the same.
  • Ezra (#412)
  • Walker (#491)
  • Hayden (#643)
  • Hunter (#845)

Do any of those appeal to you? Or do you think they belong back in 1912?

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