My Bubble Babies

As a mom of three, you’d think I’d have all the tricks up my sleeve. And, chances are, I do. But sometimes things get so busy, I forget to look up there.

This week, my kids and I rediscovered an old favorite: bubbles.

babies and bubbles

They’re such a wonderful multi-sensory experience. Even itty-bitty babies can watch them float by, and feel what it’s like when they pop on their face. Then, as they get older, and attempt to blow them, taste comes into play. Not on purpose of course. But when those eager lips get a little too close to the wand, it’s hilarious to watch Baby’s face crinkle up.

Well, today, all three of my kids — ranging in age from 22 months to almost 7 years — were having a blast with the bubbles. We came up with popping games, chasing games, counting games, and catching games. The kids had to be quick, nimble, patient, and attentive. It was really fun to watch them all playing together and having fun.

And the best part of it all? By the end, my littlest was the one blowing the bubbles. It finally clicked!

I have a feeling this Spring holds a lot of soapy water in store for this family.

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