My Baby’s Secret Hangout

So I’ve got something for you. A little riddle if you will. Each and every evening we give our little one a bath — usually right there in the kitchen sink — before dressing him in his pajamas and getting him ready for bed. Then we let him play with the triplets for a while (as they swap out, getting bathed one by one by one) before putting him down.

And virtually every single night, he’s covered with dog hair.

So, yes, we have a dog. And yes, the dog’s a bit of a shedder, but, still, we’re super on top of the house, so it’s not like there’s legendary amounts of dog hair lying about. Yet Luke always has so much hair on him, you’d think that he was tarred and feathered in it. And the triplets? They, the very children who are playing with Luke during this mysterious time of dog hair acquisition, are never, EVER covered with dog hair.

So it’s definitely perplexed my wife and me. Naturally, we’ve asked the triplets about it, but they seemed as puzzled as we are.


“Well, he does like to pretend he’s Briggs (the dog),” is about all we’ve gotten out of them, which does nothing but confuse us even more. I mean, first, the kid can’t talk. So how can the triplets tell that he likes to pretend like he’s Briggs? But, second, even if they could tell, how would pretending to be Briggs magically cover him in dog hair?

Well, I figured out the answer to both those questions the other night when I witnessed this:

Before you run off and call Child Services, please note this: Luke cried eyes out when I took him from Briggs’ kennel. He loves it in there and kept trying to crawl back in.

And while I’m not 100% certain this means that he’s pretending to be our dog, I am positive of this: we’ll be keeping that kennel locked up from now on.

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