My Baby’s Favorite Moments of 2012

I realized the other day, that I’m always kind of hogging the spotlight here at Disney Baby, and so I decided that instead of sharing a few of my own favorite moments from 2012 with you today, I’d let my baby share some of hers instead. So, with that I give you Fern Winter’s favorite moments from 2012.

  • My Baby's Favorite Moments From 2012

    My Baby's Favorite Moments From 2012

    Hey guys! It’s Fern Winter here and I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite moments from 2012. It’s been a pretty great year. Yeah, I know I’ve only had one year so far, but I can just tell this was an extra special one.

  • 1. Being Born

    1. Being Born

    So, obviously being born tops my list as my most favorite moment of the year, because without it I wouldn’t be here. Even though you can tell from my squishy noggin that it wasn’t all breast milk and bananas (or as I hear the adults say “sunshine and roses”) on the way out, the accommodations out here are much roomier than in the womb.

  • 2. My first bath

    2. My first bath

    Baths…what’s not to love? The water is warm an cozy and you get lots of snuggles afterward. This was the beginning of my love for bath time.

  • 3. My first kiss

    3. My first kiss

    Don’t tell my dad, but my first kiss was from an older boy named Bennett!

  • 4. First beauty treatment

    4. First beauty treatment

    I had this itchy flaky stuff on my head that mom kept calling “cradle cap”. Then the next thing I know she’s rubbing my head with this oil, but it helped my head feel better, so I was a fan.

  • 5. Moving

    5. Moving

    This year we moved to a new house. I don’t look very excited about it in the photo, but that’s because my mom was trying to be clever by sticking me in a moving box – not cool mom. Anyway, I like our new house because there are lots of windows and I can look out at all the big trees in our yard, so I think it’s great here.

  • 6. First celebrity citing

    6. First celebrity citing

    We went to visit my grandpa at work and ran into this guy named Bob who runs a Red Mill. His face is on our oatmeal, so I know he’s a good guy.

  • 7. All-nighters with mom

    7. All-nighters with mom

    After a few months of life on the outside I’d really been growing fond of this mother of mine and thought we should start spending even more quality time together and so I spent the next couple of months staying up all night so we could have more bonding time – you’re welcome mom. She looks like she’s really tired in this photo, but I could tell she was having the time of her life. I know I was.

  • 8. My pink car

    8. My pink car

    They got me this pink car to cruise around in and it makes me fast like lighting! That was a good day.

  • 9. First time swimming

    9. First time swimming

    There’s a lake near our house and mom took me swimming for the first time and it was fantastic! It’s just like bath time only in a bigger bath tub with lots more kids splashing around!

  • 10. First food

    10. First food

    I finally got something decent to eat around here when I was 5 months old. Too bad it was just a carrot and I didn’t have any teeth yet – but it did feel nice on my gums. Luckily mom and dad figured out that bananas are a much better baby food – sometimes it takes parents a little while to figure these things out, so you just have to be patient.

  • 11. Someone funny finally came along

    11. Someone funny finally came along

    For months mom and dad kept doing all kinds of ridiculous things to get me to laugh, but I didn’t have the heart to tell them they just weren’t that funny. Thankfully one of their friends said something funny that I finally deemed chuckle worthy around the time I was 5 months old.

  • 12. Blueberry picking

    12. Blueberry picking

    Apparently there are little blue fruits in our backyard and all you have to do is pull them off the plant and eat them and I love them! They’re sweet like candy…except I don’t know what candy tastes like.

  • 13. First beach trip

    13. First beach trip

    My parents took me to see what a beach is all about. I liked the sand on my toes, and I liked the water too even though it was too cold for a bath.

  • 14. First grocery cart

    14. First grocery cart

    Before this day I couldn’t stand going to the grocery store. I never liked being in a carrier (unless you count my mom’s arms), so whenever we’d go she’d make me stay in my car seat in the cart and I wasn’t about that. This is a picture from the day mom finally let me sit in the cart! She went a little crazy with wiping everything down, but I just let her do it because I was so happy to be in a big kid cart!

  • 15. We got a pumpkin

    15. We got a pumpkin

    We went to this big backyard where they have lots and lots of bright orange things that mom said are pumpkins. I got to sit on them and then we took one home. They also had animals there and I like animals.

  • 16. Halloween

    16. Halloween

    I wasn’t so sure about this ridiculous outfit my mom put me in, but we went to my grandparent’s house and got to see other kid’s dressed up in ridiculous outfits and I liked that.

  • 17. First swing ride

    17. First swing ride

    We had a play date at the park and I got to ride in this magical flying thing called a swing. I want to go back every day!

  • 18. Getting a tree for the inside

    18. Getting a tree for the inside

    We have a ton of trees in our backyard and I spend a lot of my time looking out at them wishing they were inside with me and then one day my parents took me to a place that had a bunch of them and we brought one home and put it in our house! Best. Day. Ever.

  • 19. Seeing snow for the first time

    19. Seeing snow for the first time

    I’m not sure why we don’t have this stuff all the time, but it’s awesome! You can make it into little balls and it’s cold and fluffy and great!

  • 20. Meeting Santa

    20. Meeting Santa

    For some reason the adults thought we should go meet this guy named Santa and I was skeptical, but he turned out to have a really cool beard – like Daddy’s only longer – so I guess he’s alright.

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