Bye, Bye Crib, I’m a Big Boy Now!

A couple of weeks ago we realized our baby boy was no longer fitting in his mini-crib. We initially purchased him a mini-crib because a) our first-born barely slept in her crib, so we figured he’d be similar, and b) we had limited space to work with. The mini-crib worked perfectly and to our surprise, he stayed in it a lot more than his older sister did in her crib. But, since our children are typically tall for their age, we found that even though he’s not yet two-years-old, our baby boy was out of room in his crib. His head and feet were an inch away from the sides of the crib and he could not properly stretch out. Was it time to say good-bye to the crib?

Big Boy Bed for a Toddler Source: Natalia Wilson/Flickr


Normally, it’s suggested you wait until Baby can climb out of the crib on his own before getting rid of the crib and moving him to a big-boy bed. Our baby boy had not yet attempted to climb out, but the lack of space he had in his crib prompted us to make the move anyway. We decided that yes, it was definitely time to say bye to his crib and say hello to a big-boy bed! So, we considered our options.

We initially thought about moving him straight to a full-size bed, but again, due to space limitations this was tricky. Plus, we worried about him falling off the bed. Our next option was a toddler bed. His older sister had one when she was about his age, but it seemed like it would be an unnecessary purchase since they are so tiny. In the end, we ended up heading to a local store and seeing what options they had in their children’s furniture section. They didn’t have any toddler beds so we actually purchased a bigger crib that is convertible so we could remove one of the sides.

Our baby boy now has his own big-boy bed that he can climb in and out of himself. So far, he loves it and even hangs out in it when he’s not sleeping. We added a guard rail to prevent him from falling on the floor and it fits perfectly in the space we had!

How old was your baby when he/she said good-bye to the crib?

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