Most Popular Baby GIRL Names from Around the World

First we took a look at the most popular baby boy names on an international level, and now it’s time for the globe-trotting ladies.

You probably already know the top baby names here in the U.S. (if you don’t, see them for the girls and boys), and you just might have your eye set on future trends, but let’s expand our perspective.

Here are the most popular baby girl names from countries around the world:

  • Globally Popular Girl Names

    Globally Popular Girl Names

    Click through for some of the hottest girl names around the world.

  • Canada (Quebec)

    Canada (Quebec)

    While the top girl names in Canada, in general, are typical to here in the U.S. (Olivia, Ella, Emma, Sophia, Emily, etc.), Quebec has unique chart-toppers for little ladies.
    Top 10: Lea, Emma, Juliette, Rosalie, Florence, Alice, Noémie, Olivia, Camille, Chloe

    Also popular: Laurence, Maika, Mia, and Alicia

    Source: Baby Name Wizard(2010).

  • England + Wales

    England + Wales

    Top 10: Amelia, Olivia, Lily, Jessica, Emily, Sophie, Ruby, Grace, Ava, Isabella

    Also popular: Evie, Poppy, Isla, Freya, and Daisy

    Source: Huffington Post(2011).

  • Scotland


    Top 10: Sophie, Lily, Ava, Olivia, Emily, Lucy, Isla, Jessica, Chloe, Ellie

    Also popular: Erin, Eva, Freya, Katie, and Millie

    Source: Mindful Mum (2011).

  • Australia


    Top 10: Ruby, Chloe, Mia, Olivia, Isabella, Charlotte, Sophie, Emily, Ella, Sienna

    Also popular: Grace, Zoe, Matilda, and Hannah

    Source: Kidspot (2011).

  • Denmark


    Top 10: Isabella, Ida, Anna, Emma, Mathilde, Caroline, Maja, Freja, Sofie, Laura

    Also popular: Josefine, Alberte, Clara, and Sarah

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Sweden


    Top 10: Maja, Alice, Julia, Linnea, Wilma, Ella, Elsa, Emma, Alva, and Olivia

    Also popular: Molly, Ebba, Klara, Nellie, and Agnes

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Finland


    Top 10: Emma, Aino, Venla, Aada, Ella, Siiri, Sofia, Iida, Emilia, Sara

    Also popular: Helmi, Vilma, Nella, and Lotta

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Croatia


    Top 10: Lana, Lucija, Petra, Ana, Ema, Nika, Dora, Sara, Lara, Mila (Apparently any name ending in –ah)

    Source: Baby Name Facts(2010).

  • Italy


    Top 10: Sofia, Giulia, Sara, Martina, Giorgia, Chiara, Aurora, Alice, Emma, Alessia

    Also popular: Francesca, Elisa, Matilda, Greta, and Beatrice

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • France


    Top 10: Emma, Lea, Manon, Chloe, Camille, Zoe, Lola, Louise, Océane, Lilou

    Also popular: Jada, Clara, Lucie, and Lena

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Netherlands


    Top 10: Sophie, Julia, Emma, Lotte, Eva, Lisa, Lieke, Sanne, Noa, Anna

    Also popular: Isla, Fleur, Tess, and Maud

    Source: Baby Name Wizard(2010).

  • Spain


    Top 10: Lucia, Paula, Maria, Daniela, Sara, Carla, Claudia, Sofia, Alba, Irene

    Also popular: Marta, Martina, Carmen, and Elena

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Armenia


    Top 10: Mane, Annie, Milena, Anahit, Ellen, Anna, Nare, Mariam, Merry, Mari

    Also popular: Eva, Angelina, Liana, and Susanna

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Chile


    Top 10: Martina, Sofia, Florencia, Valentina, Isidora, Antonella, Antonia, Emilia, Catalina, Fernanda

    Also popular: Constanza, Agustina, Josefa, and Amanda

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Austria


    Top 10: Anna, Sarah, Lena, Hannah, Léonie, Julia, Sophie, Laura, Marie, Lea

    Also popular: Johanna, Lara, Valentina, and Jana

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Norway


    Top 10: Emma, Linnea, Sara, Sophie, Nora, Ingrid, Thea, Emilie, Ida, Maja

    Also popular: Leah, Amalie, Mathilde, and Mia

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Poland


    Top 10: Julia, Maja, Zuzanna, Lena, Wiktoria, Amelia, Oliwia, Aleksandra, Natalia, Zofia

    Also popular: Nikola, Emilia, Martyna, and Hanna

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

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