Most Popular Baby Boy Names from Around the World

I told you about the most popular baby names here in the U.S. (for boys and girls), and even which names are destined to be future chart-toppers, but now let’s take a look at the top baby names from around the world.

Maybe you’ll find a unique, exotic name that’s inherently likable, or maybe you’ll see that a semi-popular name here has an even bigger international appeal.

Either way, here are some of the most popular baby boy names from around the world:

  • Top Baby Names

    Top Baby Names

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  • England + Wales

    England + Wales

    Top 10: Harry, Oliver, Jack, Alfie, Charlie, Thomas, Jacob, James, Joshua, William

    Also popular: George, Riley, Mohammed, and Dylan

    Source: Huffington Post (2011).

  • Denmark


    Top 10: William, Noah, Lucas, Victor, Mikkel, Magnus, Frederik, Mathias, Oliver, Emil

    Also popular: Sebastian, Oscar, Gustav, and Elias

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Armenia


    Top 10: Narek, Davit, Gor, Arman, Erik, Hayk, Tigran, Samvel, Aruther, Allen

    Also popular: Alex, Armen, Aram, and Ashot

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Canada


    Top 10 in Quebec: William, Thomas, Oliver, Jacob, Nathan, Samuel, Gabriel, Alexis, Felix, Antoine

    Top 10 in virtually everywhere else in Canada: Jacob, Liam, Ethan, Lucas, Benjamin, Logan, Mason, Alexander, Noah, Nathan

    Also popular: Owen, Carter, and Hayden

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • France


    Top 10: Nathan, Lucas, Enzo, Jules, Hugo, Noah, Arthur, Mathias, Maxime, Leo

    Also popular: Tom, Louis, Clement, and Raphael

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Chile


    Top 10: Benjamin, Vincente, Martin, Matias, Joaquin, Agustin, Cristobel, Maximiliano, Sebastian, Tomas

    Also popular: Diego, Felipe, Alonso, and Bastian

    Source: Baby name Wizard (2010).

  • Croatia


    Top 10: Luka, Ivan, Marko, Filip, Karlo, Petar, Leon, Josip, Fran, David

    Source: Baby Name Facts (2010).

  • Germany


    Top 10: Maximilian, Alexander, Paul, Leon, Lukas, Luca, Elias, Louis, Jonas, Felix

    See Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Ireland


    Top 5: Jack, James, Sean, Daniel, Conor (most of which have been in the Top 5 since 1998)

    Also popular: Ryan, Alex, and Jamie

    Source: Central Statistics Office (2011).

  • Scotland


    Top 10: Jack, Lewis, James, Logan, Ethan, Daniel, Ryan, Alexander, Harry, Aaron

    Also popular: Cameron, Callum, Dylan, and Adam

    Source: Mindful Mum (2010).

  • Italy


    Top 10: Francesco, Alessandro, Andrea, Lorenzo, Matteo, Mattia, Gabriele, Riccardo, Davide, Leonardo

    Also popular: Luca, Mario, Guiseppe, and Simone

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Spain


    Top 10: Daniel, Alejandro, Pablo, Hugo, Alvaro, Adrian, David, Javier, Diego, Mario

    Also popular: Marcos, Sergio, Iker, and Ivan

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Sweden


    Top 10: Oscar, William, Lucas, Elias, Alexander, Hugo, Oliver, Theo, Liam, Leo

    Also popular: Erik, Axel, Anton, and Edvin

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Finland


    Top 10: Elias, Onni, Eetu, Veeti, Aleksi, Lauri, Joona, Leo, Leevi, Niilo

    Also popular: Matias, Lenni, Miro, and Jesse

    Source: Baby Name Wizard (2010).

  • Australia


    Top 10: William, Jack, Ethan, Oliver, Lucas, Lachlan, Noah, Cooper, Thomas, James

    Also popular: Samuel, Riley, Max, and Xavier

    Source: Kidspot (2011).

  • Netherlands


    Top 10: Sem, Lucas, Milan, Daan, Jayden, Tim, Levi, Thomas, Thijs, Jesse

    Also popular: Ruben, Lars, Finn, and Bram

    See Baby Name Wizard (2010).

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