Mini Pies for Your One-Year-Old

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Has your one-year-old tasted pumpkin pie yet? Instead of serving up a whole slice, make bite-sized pumpkin pies for the kids’ table this year. Even if your child turns up her nose, adults still love a little treat in miniature.

mini pumpkin pies

Place small shortbread tartlet shells (available at your local grocery store in the baking aisle) on a baking sheet and fill with a bit of pumpkin pie mixture. These shells are about 2″ in diameter and come pre-cooked. The exact baking time and temperature will depend on your pie recipe, but these didn’t take long at all to bake. Watch your mini pies carefully in the oven so the bottom of the shells don’t burn. When you’re ready to serve them, add a tiny dollop of fresh whipped cream. Yum, just the right size for kids!

mini pumpkin pies

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