Mickey Napkin Wraps

Dress up your table with these festive napkin wraps inspired by Mickey’s iconic two button shorts. Cheerful paper napkins and brightly colored cutlery look party-ready when wrapped in a felt napkin ring.


You’ll need:

  • 6 Dinner sized napkins
  • 6 Cocktail napkins
  • 6 Plastic knives
  • 6 Plastic forks
  • 12 White buttons, of similar size and shape
  • 1 9”x12” Raspberry Pink Felt
  • Cardstock
  • Low temperature hot glue gun
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Markers

*For 6 Napkin Wraps


1. First select paper napkins and cutlery in a variety of bright colors and styles. Pair dinner-sized napkins with cocktail-sized napkins in colors and patterns that compliment each other. Place the cocktail napkin on top of the dinner napkin and fold them in half. Or, for variety, you can fold the opposite corners of the napkins together. Place a fork and knife on top of the folded napkins.

2. Next, cut a 9”x12” piece of felt into six 2”x 9” wide bands.

3. Place a felt band over a set of folded napkins and cutlery. Flip the wrap over and secure the band with a dot of hot glue.

4. Glue two white buttons to the front of the wrap.

5. To add a place card, cut cardstock into 2”x 2 ½” cards and write each guests name on a card. Slip a card between the tines of each fork and place a napkin wrap at each place setting.

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