Mickey and Minnie Soft Blocks: Perfect for Baby’s First Blocks

Whenever Zinashi is playing with something, Elvie wants to do the same thing. She looks up to her big sister so much. Nowadays she can play with many things that her big sister likes to play with, but when she was littler, most of the big girl toys were just not appropriate for her. So I was always on the lookout for things that were similar to what Zinashi played with, but appropriate for a baby. One thing that gets played with a lot at our house is our big block set. With their hard surface and unforgiving corners, they definitely were not Elvie appropriate for a long time (and they’re still a little iffy). Soft, fabric blocks, however, are just right. They can be picked up, pounded against each other, tossed, dropped, and hugged. They’re perfect for a baby that is just starting to play like a bigger kid.


These soft blocks are available in a variety of Disney characters, but I find that Mickey and Minnie make a natural pair. Putting the two sets together makes one bigger set that is plenty of good mouse fun for your little one. With one block of each set that crinkles, one that chimes, and one that rattles, these blocks are a sensory delight. Happy playing, babies!

You can purchase the Minnie Mouse Soft Blocks and Mickey Mouse Soft Blocks from The Disney Store.

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