My Family Portrait

I’m thrilled to be a new writer here on Disney Baby, so I wanted to say hello and tell you a bit about myself and my family. And while my friend who’s an amazing photographer took some gorgeous pictures of us recently (like magazine quality photos, which means she must be a genius), I figured the best way to introduce my family — for you to really get us — is to share a few telling snapshots from our day to day.

I’m Amy. The mom next door. (Maybe more than figuratively if you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area.) I work from home now, which allows me to spend my days chasing my three kids around in hopes that they’ll give me great writing material. Which they happen to do … probably because I don’t tell them that that’s what I want them to do. I’m a freelance writer, grape peeler, cheesy bread maker, dancing queen, baby carrier, and adult juice drinker. Not necessarily in that order. I do my best to laugh at everything — especially myself — and my hope is that comes through in my writing.

This is “Lenny”, my fun-loving husband. He’s a sports trainer, superhero flier, scooter-riding macho man. (Who can’t help but show his soft side around his girls.)


Meet “Big”, my 6-year-old son who’s enjoying the summer before first grade — and homework — begin. Right now his obsessions are baseball, cooking and being right. He’s mastered two out of three and will continue practicing the third for the unforeseeable future. (That is if he grows up to be anything like me.)

This is three-and-a-half-year-old “Little”. While you may not have met him, you’ve probably heard him — wherever you may be. This kid’s laugh (and cry) is as big as his sense of adventure. You’ll find him speeding through town on his two wheeler, touching his baby sister’s head/face/feet/hands, and saving the world — or destroying it — in his daily superhero/bad guy exploits.

“Pink” is the baby of the family. Technically she turned one last month, but we’re all ignoring that and coddling her as long as we possibly can. She’s totally ok with that. Pink’s a meat-etarian with mad dancing skills. While she prefers to groove to pop music, she’ll settle for the keyboard clicking as her soundtrack if need be. She’s got her daddy’s patience and olive skin and her mama’s and brothers’ blue eyes.

I’m here to share the stories, ideas and laughs that come out of our home. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and share your own stories right back in the comments. Why not start now?

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