Mayflower Centerpiece with Healthy Snacks

Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready is always the hardest part of the day. Put out a boat full of healthy veggies in the center of the kid’s table for little ones to snack on. And best of all, this adorable Mayflower centerpiece won’t ruin their appetite. 

For the boat, print out both sides of the base and its sail (download link here). Tape the sides of the boat together. Prop it up and put in a regular size soup bowl. Fill the bowl with bite sized vegetables. Use a wooden skewer and slide through the holes in the sail. Trim the sharp point off of the skewer and then stick it into the vegetables to prop up the mast. You are then ready to set sail, captain!


Photography by Sara Schmutz. You can see more Thanksgiving Ideas at Brittany’s blog One Charming Party.

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