Maternity Style Tips To Help You Look & Feel Your Best

While I may be long gone (almost 8 months now!) from my maternity outfits, I still get a lot of questions about looking and feeling your best during pregnancy, and most importantly, how do you manage to find the energy to dress up when all you want to do is sleep?  I have never talked much about it here on Disney Baby, but my main blog focuses on Style, and I documented my maternity outfits each and every week for the entire pregnancy, over 40 in all!  I’ll admit that it wasn’t always fun to get dressed up, but usually at least once a week something would require me to get out of my sweats and look decent, so I always took the opportunity to document it.  Looking back now, it’s wonderful to see the progression of my 3rd and final pregnancy, and I’m very thankful I have these to look at for years to come.  So I thought today I’d share some maternity style tips, and how to get the most out of your current wardrobe.  Click through to read my tips!

  • Maternity Style Tips

    Maternity Style Tips

    I documented over 40 photos during my last pregnancy, and my number 1 bit of advice I can give? Elastic waistbands. Click through to read some other worthwhile tips I discovered and can’t wait to share with you!

  • Tip #1 - Layering Tanks Are Your Friend

    Tip #1 - Layering Tanks Are Your Friend

    Current styles and trends tend to be on the longer side for shirts, which is good news for growing bellies. You can usually wear some, if not most tops in your wardrobe for the whole 9 months, especially if you add a long layering tank underneath, as I did here. Long tanks help to cover up the belly and stretch your wardrobe, therefore stretching your dollar, by not having to buy a bunch of maternity tops.

  • Top #2 - Maternity Bottoms Are A Must

    Top #2 - Maternity Bottoms Are A Must

    I got pretty creative with non-maternity tops and dresses when pregnant, and figured out a way to incorporate current wardrobe items and simple, inexpensive non-maternity dresses and blouses into the mix. But buying a pair or two of maternity bottoms, especially jeans, was a must. They don’t have to be expensive, in fact my favorite pair only cost $30, but the key is that they feel comfortable and allow you breathing room to grow, because you will definitely grow in those final weeks more than you ever thought you could!

  • Tip #3 - When In Doubt, Add A Jacket

    Tip #3 - When In Doubt, Add A Jacket

    Getting dressed on a daily basis when pregnant is tricky enough, but trying to look put together when sporting a big bump can be challenging at best. I always found that when I wanted to look and feel good for a special event, like our Anniversary dinner where I’m pictured above, I added a blazer or some other type of cute jacket, as a layering piece. I felt chic and put together, and was able to utilize a lot of pieces from my wardrobe I wouldn’t normally think to wear when pregnant.

  • Tip #4 - Add A Splash Of Color Or An Accessory

    Tip #4 - Add A Splash Of Color Or An Accessory

    I gravitated towards much more color when pregnant than I normally do, and I think it was a great choice in helping maximize that pregnant glow everyone always talks about. Whether you believe it or not, I think women are always their prettiest when pregnant, adding a splash of color only highlights that. If you don’t have many colorful clothing options, add a fun accessory or colorful pair of shoes!

  • Tip #5 - Don't Be Afraid Of Patterns

    Tip #5 - Don't Be Afraid Of Patterns

    Many of us have been told that one of the biggest fashion rules is to avoid wearing stripes or horizontal patterns because they tend to make you look larger. If you’re pregnant, you may truly take that to heart, but don’t! Stripes, graphic patterns and bold patterns can be fun and add a great twist to what can otherwise be a boring 40 weeks of solid colors. At no other time can you dare to be different and flaunt your beautifully growing belly, so why not go for it? Ignore any rules you may have heard and have fun with your style during this time!

  • Tip #6 - Elastic Waistbands Are Key!

    Tip #6 - Elastic Waistbands Are Key!

    The last 6 weeks of my pregnancy were tough. I had swelled up quite a bit, the temps were in the high 90’s, and I gained more weight than I ever anticipated. Towards the end I was extremely limited on my clothing options, and so close to the end I didn’t want to invest in more maternity clothes. So I went in search of non-maternity items at my favorite clothing stores on the cheap, and stocked up on elastic waist shorts and skirts that would stretch enough to fit my belly and wouldn’t break the bank. They were perfect for post maternity ware as well!

  • Tip #7 - Flowing Dresses & Empire Waists

    Tip #7 - Flowing Dresses & Empire Waists

    Another great way to stretch your wardrobe is to pull out any loose flowing dresses and tops and dresses with empire waistbands that will fit over the pregnant belly, and put them to good use! And if you don’t have any options in your closet, you can find inexpensive ones at many stores like Target and Old Navy. Maternity clothes are considered specialty clothing, which is why it tends to be more expensive, plus it’s cut differently so you can’t really wear it after your pregnancy. Non maternity ware will continue to work for you after you have that baby though!

  • Tip #8 - Never Underestimate The Power Of Lipstick & Nail Polish

    Tip #8 - Never Underestimate The Power Of Lipstick & Nail Polish

    The last few weeks of pregnancy I could barely stand to blow dry my hair, but I always mustered up a bit of energy to apply some lipstick and maybe even a coat of nail polish. Makeup and beauty items are the cheapest and quickest way to freshen up your look and add instant style. So when in doubt, add a swipe of color to your lips and nails! You won’t regret it.

  • What Do You Do To Add Style To Your Maternity Looks?

    What Do You Do To Add Style To Your Maternity Looks?

    A new dress, an old blouse you didn’t think you could wear for many more months, or a good hair day can all make you feel put together and at your best when pregnant. While these tips are what I found to be most useful to me, remember that only you know what makes you feel great, so follow your gut and enjoy this special time. At the end of the day, there’s nothing much more beautiful than a pregnant lady, whether she’s in a ball gown or a pair of yoga pants.

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