Masquerading As Minnie Mouse

My daughter is kind of obsessed with Minnie Mouse ever since she met her during her first trip to Disneyland at 15-months. Anything and everything related to Minnie Mouse…my girl is a fan. So you can only imagine the pure joy that ensued after I got her this Minnie Mouse play dress. Add in some sparkly red shoes from Grandma and she just about lost her mind with excitement. Here’s my girl masquerading as Minnie Mouse along with details where you can find this dress!

  • Shiny red shoes

    Shiny red shoes

    I have no doubt that Minnie Mouse would totally approve of these shiny red shoes. Fern definitely approved and kept running around pointing excitedly to her feet, which I consider a success.

  • Eating snack as Minnie

    Eating snack as Minnie

    Everything is more fun when you do it in a Minnie Mouse dress – even snack time!

  • Moving on up

    Moving on up

    Snack was moved from the floor to a more civilized seating area per the request of little Miss Minnie.

  • Layering


    Minnie Mouse got a little bit chilly so we had to add a sweater to her ensemble.

  • Reading as Minnie

    Reading as Minnie

    The good news is that she sat here reading quietly and sweetly for quite a long while. The bad news is that I keep finding red glitter from those shoes all over my couch!

  • The dress

    The dress

    Here’s the dress Fern is wearing in these photos. The sizes start at 12 months and go up to a 5T, but just a heads up that it runs small. Fern is usually size 18-24 months, but I usually size up to a 2T for her to get more wear out of things, but ended up returning the 2T for a 3T in this dress. She’ll be able to wear it for quite awhile though, which is great because she’s totally smitten.

    Purchase for $18.00 from Target

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