March: A Month of Change and Growth

March, for me, has always been a month of big changes, of a page turning to the next chapter. When I lived in a city with bona fide seasons, it was the month that changed the weather from winter to spring. Each day of March was unpredictable, but I knew that the month as a whole would usher in April, which was most certainly spring. This March, I feel like my baby has changed as much as the seasonal weather. She is moving from being a baby to being a toddler, and it shows. Below are photos of Elvie, from the beginning of March on the left, and the end of March on the right. Seeing her every day, it didn’t seem like much was changing, but comparing the photos, I can see it for sure. But it’s not just the shape of her face and the way she holds her mouth that has changed. There is so much more that she accomplished during this month.


During March, Elvie suddenly became very interested in food. She had started eating a little before, but now she can sit down for meals and eat a significant amount of whatever is set before her. She still needs her bottle to supplement what she can eat, but she has greatly improved her eating skills, and I can now set a variety of foods in front of her and know that she is both willing to eat them and capable of getting the food into her mouth, chewing, and swallowing. She has also chosen some favorite foods, and you cannot eat them in her presence without her indicating that you should either share or just give it to her.

During March, Elvie also began to pull up to try to stand. This is absolutely huge for her. We weren’t sure if she’d be able to stand before her next surgery, but I think she’s taking the opportunity to show us that once again she can exceed our expectations. Holding onto our hands, she can balance in a standing position for a few moments before she gets wobbly. It’s truly a marvel to watch her figure out how to do this even though her body is still a little differently shaped than is typical. She doesn’t care about that; she just wants to be able to reach more stuff.

During March, Elvie got faster at moving around. She had a decent crawl/scoot combo going on before, but now she can do it really quickly. She’s also figured out that if she’s on a hard floor, she can push herself backwards and go really fast. We can no longer leave things where she can get them, thinking that we’ll have time to move them if we see her heading that way. If she wants something, she’ll zoom right over to get it.

During March, Elvie started communicating her desires a lot more. While before she would let us know when she needed something, now she has figured out how to let us know when she wants something. Mostly this is in the form of bellowing like a baby buffalo when we’re holding something she’d like to have (which is hilarious), but she will also reach toward something while opening and closing her hand. On the flip side, if she doesn’t want something, she will push it away and even shake her head no.

I love all these changes that March has brought for Elvie. It is so fun to see her learning and growing and thriving. I can’t wait to see what April will bring.

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