Make It! President’s Day Funny Photo Props!

Happy Presidents Day! If you’ve got a baby or toddler (like me!) you may be wondering to yourself how you can do something creative for today’s holiday but coming up short with ideas that are easy, inexpensive, and that can be fun with kiddos younger than 3 (let’s be honest, the facts of American history are a bit lost on those that can’t quite walk or talk yet). Well, the lovely and talented Jill from Sandy Toes and Popsicles came up with this fantastic and simple DIY for adorable Presidents Day inspired props that you can use for some fun and festive photos and was gracious enough to share it with us today!
  • Fun DIY Presidential Photo Props!

    Fun DIY Presidential Photo Props!

    These fun and funny photo props are so easy and so adorable you’ll love the finished product. Click through to see how easy it is to make this wig and get more DIY instructions for the hat!

  • The Presidential Wig

    The Presidential Wig

    This wig is so easy to make. All you need is white card stock, glue, and a stapler.
    Start by cutting out a wig shape from a big piece of cardstock.
    For all the official insturctions, check out Jill’s tutorial here.

  • Putting It All Together

    Putting It All Together

    To make the “curls” in the wig cut out strips of card stock and then glue and staple the into rings. Check out Jill’s blog for more detailed instructions and a shopping list.

  • Ta Da!

    Ta Da!

    After your glue dries your wig will be ready for photo taking fun. You can get started on the Presidential hat in the mean time. Check out the full tutorial on Jill’s blog here.

  • Have Fun With It!

    Have Fun With It!

    Now take out the camera and pose for some fun Presidents Day photos with your kiddos! Take turns with the wig and the hat and smile for the camera!

    Thank you Jill for sharing this great DIY with us!

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