Lucky Thirteen: Elvie’s Fabulous Thirteenth Month

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since Elvie’s first birthday. I have loved this past month; it is Elvie’s best yet. Her thirteenth month has indeed been a lucky one. She was free of the wound vac and got the rest of the dressing off her incision site. She got better and better at crawling, and thus was better and better at getting where she wanted to go and getting into things that weren’t hers to get into (which is her very favorite thing to do, and so far is benign and hilarious). She started to actually like eating food as opposed to just grudgingly trying things sometimes. She’s started to say more words, she knows that shaking her head means no, and the world is full of so many more possibilities than before. The month has flown by, but it’s been full of so many memorable moments with Elvie. I’ve chosen thirteen photos from thirteen of those memorable moments this month. Enjoy.

  • Elvie's Thirteenth Month

    Elvie's Thirteenth Month

    The luckiest month yet!

  • At the Park!

    At the Park!

    We were all thrilled to be able to get out more after Elvie’s surgery, but no one was as excited as Elvie, who loved being able to crawl all over the place and get dirty.

  • My Saucy Little Valentine

    My Saucy Little Valentine

    On Valentines Day, Elvie got all dressed up in pink and was her sweet self all day long.

  • Stealing My Injera

    Stealing My Injera

    For the longest time, we’d offer Elvie Ethiopian food, and she’d reject it, just like she rejected most other foods. This month, though, not only did she eat some, but she tried to take all of mine.

  • Loving Being on Her Sister's Lap

    Loving Being on Her Sister's Lap

    Before her surgery, it was hard to position her on Zinashi’s lap, but now Zinashi can lift her up all on her own. She loves to sit there and babble away.

  • Flirting on the Train

    Flirting on the Train

    There was a teenage boy sitting opposite Elvie’s stroller, and she was on a mission to impress him. I think we’re going to have to work on her skills.

  • Trying to Join Ballet Class

    Trying to Join Ballet Class

    She loves to watch Zinashi’s ballet class, and she is frustrated that I won’t let her crawl onto the dance floor to hang out with them while they dance. It is sweet and hilarious to watch her try to join in.

  • Opening Presents

    Opening Presents

    We had her birthday party two weeks after her birthday, but she didn’t notice or care. She loved opening all the presents and playing with the paper.

  • Her Favorite Activity

    Her Favorite Activity

    She loves to get down all the books and take all the magazines out of their bins, then pretend to read them. Now that she crawls quickly, she can get quite a few out before I stop her. It makes a gigantic mess, but it makes her happy.

  • She Loves to Remove Her Clothes

    She Loves to Remove Her Clothes

    She hasn’t figured out how to undo the snaps on a onesie, but shirts? Socks? Shoes? Jackets? No problem! Off in a flash!

  • In Her

    In Her "Big Girl" Stroller At Last!

    Before Elvie’s surgery, it worked better to use our bassinet stroller if we were out for long trips. It was simply more comfortable for her when she needed to be repositioned. Now she can ride in the seat part of the stroller, and she loves it.

  • Eating Dessert First

    Eating Dessert First

    She saw the rest of us having a little cookie dessert, and she wanted one. I handed it over, even though she hadn’t really started eating her dinner. She LOVED it, and she can now identify (and beg for) chocolate whenever it’s in sight.

  • Sometimes She's Just Tickled

    Sometimes She's Just Tickled

    She just finds things to be funny sometimes, and she’ll start giggling and moving so much that she needs a hand to steady herself.

  • Looking Cool  in the Car

    Looking Cool in the Car

    She can ride in a car seat, and she can look stylish while doing it. This was the last big piece of the puzzle to being able to get out and about like most families do. We’re so excited to be able to take Elvie more places and show her off to more people. What a month! Here’s to more excitement in the months to come.

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