Look What I Can Do!

His 5th month was a big one. This kid grew in such amazing ways over the last few weeks, sometimes it’s hard to even remember what he was like before. He’s got a whole bag of new tricks now. So step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and see the amazing Bubs! Master of amazing feats of development and charm…

Guess who can sit on his own now? This kid! It took weeks of practicing, of toppling over to one side, of bonking his face against the couch cushions (gently of course), but he has finally figured out how to do it. He sat up for a good minute or two the other day on our bed while playing with his his Dad. He was so proud of himself. And obviously excited about it. Check out those eyebrows…

sitting baby

One morning this month he woke up and realized, “I’ve got feet!” As you can imagine, it was a remarkable discovery. I mean… feet! Two of them. With little wiggly (and oh-so-grippable) toes. He holds them all day long now, rubbing it in my face that he’s much more flexible than I am (stop bragging Bubs!). Perhaps he’s practicing for future yoga classes, doing a bit of reflexology, or working on his foot massage techniques. To be honest, I’m okay with any of those…

And last but certainly not least, this kid can now officially feed himself. (Cue the angel chorus!) Not that I don’t love a good night-feeding cuddle time, but it is nice to be able to hand a screaming baby his bottle in the car and have him know what to do with it. It was remarkable to watch him figure it out. For a few weeks he would grab at our hands and at the bottle the whole time we were trying to feed him. He slowly got more and more coordinated. Then he’d try to hold it with fists, or with only one hand, or with just pinkie fingers. Then he finally figured it out. And Mr. Independent over here has been taking control of mealtimes ever since…

What fun milestones do you remember your children hitting? Did it happen all at once like this or did super skills appear over time? Did you have a favorite? What are you most looking forward to your babies doing? Leave me your stories in the comments below! 

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