Long Live Innocence – A Tale Of One Princess

The princess stage started young with my daughter, just shy of 2 years old.  For her 2nd birthday we took her to Disneyland for the first time.  In preparation for the big day, she asked for a Snow White costume to wear.  Figuring it might be a bit more magical, we ended up buying the costume at the actual park, where she got to pick out the specific one she wanted, along with the shoes and crown.  Little did we know that the fascination with princesses would last as long as it did.  There was indeed a time when I was ready for the princess stage to be over so we could move onto something else, but as I watched my almost eight year old dress up like a princess with her friend the other night, it hit me how much I long for this stage of innocence to last as long as possible.

  • It All Began With Snow White

    It All Began With Snow White

    Whether it was suggested to her because of her dark hair and pale skin, or she decided all on her own, Taylor’s fascination with Snow White began before she even turned two and had watched the movie.

  • A Day As A Princess

    A Day As A Princess

    After she picked out her dress and shoes, we enjoyed a day at Disneyland, making crowns, dancing around the maypole, and meeting her favorite princesses.

  • As Happy As Can Be

    As Happy As Can Be

    Along with princesses, her enjoyment of wild rides started young as well. Here she is riding the tea cups, her first of many turns at the wheel that day.

  • Princess Ready

    Princess Ready

    She decided that all good princesses should have a proper face painting, so we obliged her considering it was her special day. She stopped at every mirror we passed for the rest of the day.

  • A Magical Day

    A Magical Day

    Little did we know that this day would be the start of many years of princess dress up and play.

  • The Fascination Continues

    The Fascination Continues

    Fast forward almost 3 years, and the fascination with princesses and dress up play continued. At times it was almost unrelenting, even seeping into her school and sleep, asking, begging to wear her princess dresses to school and to sleep in. I don’t think we ever took a trip to the grocery store without her in full princess regalia.

  • Photoshoots


    Dressing up was an all day, everyday occurrence, involving multiple costume changes and plenty of twirling and curtseys. Often if she was feeling very regal, she would sweetly demand we do a photoshoot.

  • Silly Princess

    Silly Princess

    While sometimes she would act silly, for the most part, she took her role as a princess very seriously and acted as proper as could be.

  • Show Off

    Show Off

    She was happy to show the whole neighborhood her princess costumes as well. Although to her they weren’t costumes, but rather just her everyday wear as a princess. She would gently and sweetly pull my hand to the door and ask to take a walk around the block.

  • Princess Ready

    Princess Ready

    To be honest I wondered when she would be ready to move to the next stage of imaginative play. When would I have to stop hanging up princess dresses every day? When would I no longer have to gently clean up mac ‘n cheese from a fancy silk dress?

  • Laughter and Dizzying Twirls.

    Laughter and Dizzying Twirls.

    Fast forward another 3 years and my princess is almost eight. She no longer asks to wear her princess costume everyday, but when she does she cleans up after herself and hangs her own dresses. She had a sleep-over last weekend and she and her friend dressed as Belle and Rapunzel for dinner and dancing. They were so giddy and silly they couldn’t even stop dancing long enough for me to get a good picture.

  • Long Live Innocence

    Long Live Innocence

    And it was then that I realized how thankful I was to have this princess stage in our life still. A stage that represents fairytales and imagination and pure, sweet innocence. A stage that I will gladly and willingly hold onto for as long as possible. A stage that I will fiercely protect as much as I can. I posted this picture on Instagram with the caption: “Long live princesses and Jedi Knights, and innocence.” I think that sums it up perfectly.

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