(Little) Man’s Best Friend…

We knew that our dog, Eisley, was going to be good with kids. She is super gentle and always excited when miniature humans pay attention to her. But watching her and our son together has been even sweeter than I anticipated. They both adore each other. They will spot each other from across the room, our son will laugh, and her tail will wag then they’ll meet in the middle and play. She snuggles her head against him, she lays protectively at the food of his crib, and she wags her tail when he wakes up from naps. She’s also our dirty diaper police as she can tell before any of us when he needs to be changed and comes up to nudge us with her nose. Click through for a slideshow of “aw”-inducing photos of the two of them together…

  • Love at first sniff

    Love at first sniff

    Eisley has been affectionate towards our son since he first arrived. It took her a few days to get used to all the crying and commotion but she quickly accepted him as part of our little “pack”

  • Puppy kisses

    Puppy kisses

    Our dog has been so gently protective of our son. She sits next to him and will lay her face on his legs. She loves to lick his hands and feet (much to our happy frustration since we have to constantly wash his hands and feet before he puts them back in his mouth).

  • Playmates for life

    Playmates for life

    Now that our son is bigger and mobile, our dog will follow him around. Their current favorite game is for our dog to jump up on the sofa beside our son and lick him while he giggles uncontrollably.

  • Catch Me if You Can

    Catch Me if You Can

    Our dog and our son will “chase” each other around the floor. Our dog Eisley likes to position herself just out of reach so that our son has to crawl over to her. Then she moves a few feet away again. Somehow, neither of them get sick of the constant chase.

  • Best Friends Forever

    Best Friends Forever

    So much snuggling and laughing happens between these two. Our dog is super affectionate and loves to snuggle her face up against our son while he laughs uncontrollably. He wraps his hand around her to pull her closer to him. They are best friends forever, I can tell.

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