20 Great Baby Names That End in “-son”

If we had another baby I already know what I would want their name to be. But I can’t use it. How sad is that? I can’t use it because it ends in “-son” and so does our last name. And to me, that just sounds funny. In fact, a lot of my favorite baby names end in -son. But my loss is your gain. I’m sharing my 20 favorite baby names that end in -son and you can snag any of them for your own baby naming pleasure!

  • Anderson


    Anderson is one of those names that is a last name that works really well as a first name. Don’t you think? Andy is a cute nickname too. It’s win, win.

  • Addison


    Addison has become popular recently but I still think it’s lovely. There’s a lot of spelling variations of this name too: Addison, Addyson, Adison

  • Bryson


    I love this name. It’s adorable for a baby and still masculine for a man. It’s one of those names that just fits through all stages of life. Nickname him Bry. So cute.

  • Dawson


    Okay, what woman that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s wouldn’t love the name Dawson. Dawson’s Creek anyone? Come on. ;)

  • Emmerson


    Emmerson is the name that got away. This is my favorite baby name that I can’t use. It’s perfect for a little boy or a little girl. If you choose it for a little girl, Emmy is an adorable shortened version.

  • Gibson


    For you music lovers out there, Gibson is perfection. Hang little guitars all over his nursery if you don’t think it’s too obvious. Ha!

  • Jackson


    Another great “last name as a first name” name. Jackson is a strong name. Jack is a sturdy nickname and when he’s older he can choose which he’d rather be called.

  • Jameson


    I know this one is generally more masculine but I think it would be adorable on a little girl. Nickname her James or Jamie and it’s a super cute crossover name.

  • Hanson


    Another nod to those of us who were young in the 90’s. Mmmmbop.

  • Harrison


    You know this name automatically conjures up Indiana Jones visions. This is perfect for your little adventurer baby.

  • Hudson


    Like the river maybe? I’m not sure why I love this name so much but I just do.

  • Larson


    An oldie but a goodie. This not-overly-common but still traditional name is a great mix of modern and old fashioned.

  • Madison


    I know, I know, everyone loves this name. But how can you not with a nickname as cute as “Little Maddy”?

  • Mason


    Again, this tends to be used more for boys but I think it would be adorable for a little girl. Call her “Mae” for short.

  • Morrison


    I’m looking at you music lovers! This one is sooooo good. I almost want to have more babies just so I can use it. Oh wait, that pesky -son thing. Dang it. You take it! It’s too good to waste.

  • Patterson


    This one is adorable. I envision overalls and summer fields.

  • Samson


    We’re taking it waaaayyy back with this name but it’s a strong one. (Get it?)

  • Tennyson


    Oh man! I am just a sucker for these androgynous names. Tennyson is old fashioned. Someone please take it. I can’t stand it not being used for some little cutie!

  • Watson


    It’s elementary why you should love this name. (I’m on fire tonight people!)

  • Wilson


    This grandpa name is adorable for a wee one. I love old names on new babies.


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