Letters To Myself as a New Mom

I have five kids, and my oldest will be 15 this fall…so I’ve got a bit of experience under my belt. But that doesn’t mean I’ve got all the answers. I think all moms figure this stuff out as we go, and we get things right a lot more than we get them wrong. If only we had a virtual cheering section to follow us around and tell us so!

That’s what I aim to do with my posts here at Disney Baby. As a writer who is passionate about helping women find more joy in their lives as mothers, I know that one of the things we all need most is encouragement and support. I’ve often wished that Me Now could go back and talk to myself right after my oldest son was born, to give “me-then” some honest advice, tell “me-then” what a great job I was really doing…and let “me-then” know that everything was going to be all right.

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In fact, I thought it would be a fun to write a series of letters back and forth from Me, 1997, to Me, 2012. How might a conversation between me as a new mom and me as a veteran mom go down? Let’s imagine:

Dear Me-2012:
I went shopping today and noticed that all the summer clothes are on clearance. Do you think I should pick up a couple of bikinis for next summer? I’ll be skinny again, right?


Dear ’97:
How do I put this gently? Here goes: You in a bikini is like the Backstreet Boys: Cute while it lasted, but nothing people would pay to see these days. Buy the one-piece.


Dear ‘12
I’m in labor! This is so exciting! I’ve been having contractions for an hour now. I’ve got to be almost ready to push, right?


Dear ’97,
Not even close.

Hang in there,

…The next letter from ’97 is edited out because it was just a long string of expletives…

Dear Me 2012:
The baby and I are doing great! Question, though: I’m hearing a lot of conflicting advice about where he should sleep, when he should eat, and whether or not I should pick him up when he cries. Who should I listen to?


Dear ’97:
You’re learning the hard way: everyone seems to have an opinion about how your baby ought to be raised. But unless those people are also going to drive to your house in the middle of the night, pluck the crying baby out of your arms, and soothe him back to sleep so you can finally shut your eyes, I don’t think they get much say in the matter.

To answer your question? The person you should listen to is yourself, your partner, and your baby. Between the three of you, I promise you’ll figure it all out.

Love, hugs, and lots of reassurance,
Me, 2012.

If you could go back in time and talk to yourself as a brand-new mom, what would you say?

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