Let it Snow! How to Make a 6-Point Paper Snowflake

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is make a bunch of paper snowflakes to use to decorate the house and also to add as a little pizazz to wrapped presents. I loved to make these as a kid, which is probably why I’m so nostalgic for them as an adult. They are super easy, so easy that with the help of some kid-safety scissors, you and your kiddos could make them together! Click through for a photo tutorial on the 6-point paper snowflake.

  • How To:  Your Step By Step Photo Guide (By Me!)

    How To: Your Step By Step Photo Guide (By Me!)

    6 sides paper snowflakes are, in my opinion, the mercedes of paper snowflakes. They are so easy once you know the trick to folding them. Click through to see how it’s done and try it yourself!

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    You’ll need a square piece of paper and scissors. That’s all! I start with 8.5×11 printer paper and just cut it down to a square but you could use square scrapbooking paper as well for something different!

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Fold the square exactly in half to make a triangle. (Check out my handy dandy arrows to help you know which way I folded in the photos!)

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Fold the triangle in half from the bottom up to make another smaller triangle. Try to be precise. The more precise you are, the more symmetrical your final design will be.

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Okay, pay attention here. You’re going to be folding in thirds now. Take the bottom third and fold it up and over.

  • Step 5

    Step 5

    Do the same thing with the top third. Fold it down and cross it over the other fold you just made. It should look a bit like a Star Trek symbol now. ;)

  • Step 6

    Step 6

    Cut a diagonal cut across the bottom cutting the “tails” off completely. The more diagonal your cut, the sharper the corners of your snowflake will be!

  • Step 7

    Step 7

    The hard part is over. Now for the fun! Cut all kinds of shapes out of your folded paper. Try triangles, circles, and even hearts. You’ll be surprised how pretty everything looks!

  • TA DA!

    TA DA!

    That’s it! Now gently unfold your paper to reveal your oh-so-pretty, 6-sides snowflake. Wasn’t that fun? You can make them in varying sizes by starting with various sized squares of paper. Have fun with it! Happy Holidays!


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