Leaving Your Baby for the Weekend

Today I’m out of town on a little trip with my mom. Ella was not invited.

Happily, my husband was able to take the day off of work and stay home with Ella, so her normal routine isn’t too much disrupted (except for the fact that Dad is probably way more fun than Mom is).

As a mom, it’s rather delightful to have a couple of days off from the around-the-clock care of a toddler. No worries about whether I’ve brought enough diapers or watching the clock for naptime or having to unbuckle or buckle a carseat every time I need to run a 2 minute errand.


It’s lovely to go out to dinner and not have to share my food with a sticky-handed child or to not worry that, even if I’ve stayed up ridiculously late, I’ll still have to get up the minute she does.

Yes, a little vacation from parenting can sometimes be wonderful.

Funny Face

But, even if it’s nice to go away temporarily, I can’t wait to get home and see this silly little face. I wouldn’t trade her for a thousand adult-only dinners.

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