Learning to Love Playing with Toy Cars

As a woman, I am accustomed to most things girly. Growing up, I played with dolls, stuffed animals, and kitchen and tea sets. I had more dolls than I could count, a stroller for my baby dolls, and all the necessary accessories to care for each. This worked out well with my daughter, since it meant I knew how to play these types of games with her. But, now, I also have a boy and am learning to love playing with toy cars.

Toy CarsSource: Jeff Rhines/Flickr

I wasn’t one to play much with dirt or cars – I don’t think I even had any, though my brothers did. In contrast, my daughter has played with a variety of toys  since she was very little. She has a train set and cars, along with dolls, tea sets, and princess dress-up kits. I loved this difference between her and I, but for the most part, her and I still played girly-girl games.


Ever since baby boy entered our lives, our house has slowly been filling up with even more cars. Since our boy is still too young to play with action figures, cars are really the only “different” toy being added to our ever-growing toy collection. And, I’ll admit, I didn’t quite get it. Cars just didn’t seem too exciting!

This morning, though, as I sat on the floor with my baby boy, I realized that playing cars with him is actually pretty fun.

Baby Playing with Toy Cars Photo copyright Melanie Edwards

Watching him roll the cars back and forth while making a vroom-vroom noise, I began to laugh and make the noise too. Then, I took the cars and lined up a few side-by-side. Baby boy followed suit and began to line up more of them until we had a nice assembly line going. Seizing the opportunity, I counted each one in both English and Spanish. After that, we lined them up front-to-back, pretending we had a traffic jam and began to push forward the cars in front with the one in back. We spent a good fifteen minutes or so playing cars and I loved every minute of it.

Have you found yourself enjoying an activity with your kids you thought you wouldn’t?

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