Learning to Love My Body

Just writing that title was no easy task. There are a bunch of things about my body I would change if I could. And the things I can, I will in time. I’m working on making smarter food choices and getting back in shape after having three babies. (Which you can read about here.) Right now, my body can’t rock a bikini…or even the stretchy, but fitted clothes I’d grown to love. But this week, as I’m driving all over the state of California with my three kids, I couldn’t help but be impressed by all the things it can do.


My body can dance to Radio Disney, pots & pans and rock n’ roll lullabies.

My body can navigate a minivan packed to the brim with exciting destinations.

My body can eat lunch, open magical toys and straws, and feed the baby — all at the same time.

My body can carry a 20 pound baby through coffee shops while balancing three drinks.

My body can catch a 30 pound maniac flying carefree into the pool.

My body can lift a (sleeping!) 50 pound boy who fell off the blow up bed back to comfort.

My body can stay up early, wake up late, and manage to feed, entertain, and transport three other bodies all day long.

My body can hug friends and family I haven’t seen in far too long.

My body can ooh and ahh at the wonders of inch worms (while appreciating that someone else’s body is touching them).

My body can pick up the majority of my baby’s meal that lands on the floor.

My body can hug, kiss, comfort, and cuddle all the little, but growing, bodies surrounding me.

My body is a busy body. It’s a tired body. It’s a soft body. But it’s a body that’s working so very hard and doing such very important things that I can’t help but love it.

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