Laugh of the Day: Self-Professed World’s Best Father

If you haven’t come across this humorous photo series from Dave Engledow, you’re in for a good laugh. Instead of the typical smiling father/daughter photos, Dave captures comical portraits with his toddler Alice (all photoshopped of course). For instance, Alice vacuuming while Dave kicks his feet up and sips out of his World’s Best Father mug. You can see the full series on Facebook or view some of them below. This makes me want to learn Photoshop a whole lot better.

  • The Hazmat Diaper Change

    The Hazmat Diaper Change

    When changing dirty diapers my motto is don’t breathe through the nose. Dave takes it a bit further with his take wearing a gas mask.

  • Vacuuming


    It’s never too early to have your kids start chores.

  • Bedtime Stories

    Bedtime Stories

    This one is probably the least far fetched. We’ve all been at the point where we “just have to finish up one thing” and the babe starts crying.

  • Future Olympian

    Future Olympian

    Beck actually has a bodysuit with the words future Olympian on it. I promise we won’t be forcing him into weightlifting any time soon.

  • Pedicure


    I love the caption on this one – “While Alice Bee normally does a pretty good job with my callouses, I’m a little dubious about her choice of nail polish.”

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