Kwanzaa Baby Names Based On The 7 Principles

How has your holiday been? I admit, I’ve been a little absent from my online world as we’ve been so busy with travel and of course family celebrations and gatherings. Several of my friends have welcomed a new addition into their families making this even more of a time to celebrate the holidays. Speaking of welcoming new additions, have you checked out these holiday themed baby names? If you are still stumped on baby names there are several great picks here that you may want to consider.

Kwanzaa is yet another reason to celebrate this season. The holiday began December 26th and ends tomorrow – January 1, 2013. Kwanzaa was established in 1966 as the first African-American holiday and has since been celebrated in the United States, Canada and in the Western African Diaspora. The holiday was originally created as a way for African Americans to unite and reconnect to their cultural and historical heritage through African traditions and celebrations.


This holiday lasts seven days and each day is dedicated to 7 different principles. In lieu of our holiday themed baby names, I wanted to include some Kwanzaa-themed names that pick up on the principles celebrated.


Umoja ~ “unity”
Sira ~ “joining of friends”
Yanjanani ~ “unite”


Kujichagulia ~ “self-determination”
Dhati ~ “determination”
Jing ~ “determination”

Collective Work and Responsibility

Daraka ~ “responsibility”
Ujima ~ “collective life; community”
Madaraka ~ “responsibility”

Cooperative Economics

Ujamaa ~ “family”
Ungana ~ “to combine”
Siham ~ “sharing; participation”


Makusudi ~ “on purpose”
Nia ~ “purpose”
Niamoja ~ “one purpose”


Kuumba ~ “creativity”
Kenya ~ “artist”
Seitu ~ “artist”


Imani ~ “faith”
Dini ~ “faith, religion”
Kemba ~ “she is full of faith”

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