Kid Photo Shoots That Will Crack You Up

I can hardly remember to take a simple monthly photo of Beck, so I can’t imagine the time and effort put into these creative photo shoots. Of course there’s also creativity in the editing. I just hope Beck doesn’t come across these when he’s older and ask why I didn’t do something similar. For now, it’s fun to just enjoy the genius of others.

  • Funny Sisters

    Funny Sisters

    Jason took a whole series of his daughters in some of the most hilarious situations like flying down the stairs in a sled. They look like they have so much fun doing it.

  • Monthly Dress-Up

    Monthly Dress-Up

    For Hyrum’s monthly photo, his parents would dress him up and make a background to match. Better do it before they’re too big and refuse to let you!

  • Mila's Daydreams

    Mila's Daydreams

    Adele was bored when she became a stay at home mom so she’d create these scenes when her baby was sleeping. I can’t believe how detailed they all are!

  • Flying Henry

    Flying Henry

    Rachel edited her husband out of photos to make it look like her baby was flying and now has a book out with the entire series.

Do you take creative photos of your kids?

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