The Joy of a Baby’s Smile

It’s amazing how much my baby boy’s smile can make me forget everything bad that may have happened in the day. Even after he’s had a tantrum, his smile or laugh immediately helps me get over any frustrations. It’s a small action, just his little smile, but it makes a big impression and helps my mood. There’s nothing quite like a baby’s smile to lift your spirits.

Baby SmilingSource: Kenny Louie/Flickr


I know my husband feels the same way because when he comes home from work, he immediately starts to smile and laugh when his babies run up to him with big smiles on their faces. How can anyone not return a baby’s smile? It’s pretty hard to resist smiling back when you see a sweet face showing such emotion.

I think parents especially have a fondness for their baby’s smile. After all, that little person that you love and care for is showing you that something is right. For all the worrying we do (about our babies and our capabilities as parents) seeing our babies smile is a sign that we’re doing alright.

I asked a few friends how they feel when they see their baby smile and they shared my sentiments. Many moms described feeling whole or complete upon seeing their baby smile. Others simply expressed a feeling of happiness and accomplishment. Sandy of said she feels “blessed and like my heart will burst!” Fred from said he feels like a “proud papa.” And Rhea of said she feels “at peace.” What better feeling than that, right?

How does seeing your baby’s smile make you feel?

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