It’s the Little Things that Help Your Parenting


My son loves the bath. He loves it so much that he kicks and screams when it’s time to get out. Unless there is some sort of distraction to take his mind off the fact that I’m removing him from the warm bathwater, there is always a struggle to remove him from his favorite place.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can help your parenting, the ones you would have never thought of. Disney Baby sent us the Finding Nemo Hooded Towel and while my son was splashing away, I opened the package up and unfolded the towel, bringing it into the bathroom for ‘out’ time. My son took one look at the towel, gave me a big smile and wanted ‘out’. I don’t think it registered that this was in fact a towel, as he was pretty distracted by the embroidered face of Dory and bright colors. He wanted to see what this new thing was all about.

When I put the hood on, he loved it! I plopped him on the bed and was able to get him dressed without any struggle as he was tracing his finger over the face of Dory and asking me his favorite question of all time, “What’s dat?!”

If only I had thought of using a hooded towel earlier! Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference!

The Finding Nemo Towel is available through Babies’R’Us for $16.99.

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