It’s Eggtastic! 15 Delightfully Creative Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs This Year

March is definitely going to go out with a bang, with not one, but two fantastic holidays to celebrate this month.  We just got through setting up leprechaun traps and eating green food, and now we’re ready to think about dyeing and decorating eggs.  While baby Hayden won’t really be able to partake in any egg dyeing or egg hunts this year, it is always fun to introduce him to some of our traditions early on.  For us, it just wouldn’t be Easter without a trip to Nana’s house the day before to dye eggs.  Whether you’re looking for simple, traditional, natural or fancy, here is a round up of 15 great ways to decorate your eggs this year.  Hopefully it will inspire a bit of fun and add a new tradition to your holiday this year.

  • Get Inspired!

    Get Inspired!

    Click through for some fun new ideas for decorating and dyeing your Easter eggs this year.

  • Melted Crayon Shaving Eggs

    Melted Crayon Shaving Eggs

    This method of decorating eggs is definitely toddler friendly. Mama Smiles shows you how, by melting some crayon shavings and then rolling the eggs around a bit, you get a spectacular swirly effect. Visit her blog for the full details and cute pictures of her tiny tots making these beauties.

  • Warm Crayon Designs

    Warm Crayon Designs

    Continuing with the use of crayons, this egg gets its cool effect by coloring on it while the egg is still warm, which melts the crayon just enough so that it transfers on in vibrant colors. See the how-to on Come Together Kids

  • Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

    Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

    This method of dyeing is one of the most creative and ingenious uses for old out of style ties I’ve ever seen. Mommy Knows shares a very thorough tutorial on making your own silk tie dyed eggs, that seems overall pretty simple, and with spectacular results.

  • Tie Dye

    Tie Dye

    From silk ties to the true tie dye, Hello Bee shares how to make these super colorful eggs that are quite uniquely special.

  • Neon Dyed Eggs

    Neon Dyed Eggs

    I am a fan of all things neon, and so I especially love this simple and very chic way to dye eggs. Using simple neon food coloring found at the grocery store, get these striking results. The kids can certainly dunk their entire egg in, but I’ll go for the color-block design as shown. Found on Oh Joy

  • Natural Dyed Eggs

    Natural Dyed Eggs

    I’ve always been intrigued with the process of dyeing eggs with natural materials, and this tutorial and guide makes it seem a lot less intimidating, with beautiful results. I think I just may give it a try this year.

  • Ombre Eggs

    Ombre Eggs

    Ombre sounds quite fancy, but all it really means is colors go from light to dark, or vice versa. To get your own ombre eggs just leave eggs in dye for different lengths of time. Sugar and Charm shares the how-to.

  • Tips On Dyeing Easter Eggs With Toddlers

    Tips On Dyeing Easter Eggs With Toddlers

    Train Up A Child wrote this excellent post giving some tips and advice for dyeing eggs with very young children. She reminds us that with young ones, it’s about the process, not the end result. Clear tips and strategies make this post a great read if you’re interested in getting the little ones involved.

  • Fancy Gilded Eggs

    Fancy Gilded Eggs

    While I’m not sure if we’ll have time to make these lovely eggs, with a new baby and 2 older children keeping us quite busy, I had to include them because they are just so darn pretty. A reminder, perhaps, that one day when the kids are all older I can spend the time to make gorgeous eggs at my leisure if I so wish. Find the detailed how-to at She Knows

  • Funny Farm Eggs

    Funny Farm Eggs

    Switching from dyeing eggs to decorating, I thought this farm of eggs was just the cutest use of yarn and felt I’ve seen in awhile. Get the how-to for each cute egg animal at Parents.

  • Pipe Cleaner Bunny Eggs

    Pipe Cleaner Bunny Eggs

    Continuing with the animal theme, gather some pipe cleaners and wrap them around boiled eggs to make these sweet bunnies. See the how-to here

  • Cute As A Button

    Cute As A Button

    Gather up some old buttons and glue these on for a fun decoration or centerpiece. Note that this is a decorating technique you will want to do supervised if you are decorating with young toddlers because of the small buttons. Find the details here

  • Glittered Polka Dots

    Glittered Polka Dots

    These look extra fancy and difficult, but really all you need are some sticky glue dots from the craft store and glitter in any color choice you want. Stick on the dots and shake on some glitter, and you’re done! Via Parents

  • Office Supply Sticke Designs

    Office Supply Sticke Designs

    This one really struck me because I have a ton of those small office supply sticker dots lying around my craft cabinet. Make simple polka dot patterns or cute flowers, find more details here

  • Washi Tape Eggs

    Washi Tape Eggs

    Quite charming and special, these pretty eggs are adorned with colorful washi tape that make them almost too pretty to place out for a hunt, but perfect for displaying on your Easter table. More inspiration here

So which ones would you like to try this year?

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